Hi, yes I do exist and I have perfectly believable excuse for me not being on for a really really long time but I’ll have to make it up later….

Uh what really happened was that I thought I was blocked from logging on by my parent which is reasonable because I am not the most obedient child in the world so I didn’t try to get on for the past “two” years but surprise I actually wasn’t blocked I just misheard my father when we were talking about it and then when I got on I realized how stupid my blog looked so now I’m back and much more mature and the very sophisticated age of 15 but now I have no idea what to post now so I’m going to just you a summary of the past week

1. We are sick with the cold. Like very sick

2. We got a new cat named Poirot to replace one of our two cats that got hit by a car

3. We got are van back from it having our engine being replaced